Minskade anslag till folkbildningen i Sundsvall: En manifestation för förändring

Theresa Bystedt, responsible for operations at Pipeline in Sundsvall, expresses concerns about how the music club Pipeline will be affected by reduced funding, as they collaborate with the educational association Sensus.

Pipeline currently relies on borrowed instruments and equipment from Sensus for their concerts. Bystedt explains that they do not receive any funding from Sundsvall Municipality to purchase such items.

This collaboration with Sensus also includes the use of rehearsal spaces for around 10 bands. Mikael Andersson-Knut, a development officer at Sensus and member of The Confusions from Sundsvall, argues that reduced funding for educational associations is a matter of democracy.

He emphasizes the importance of being able to come together and learn from each other, considering it a fundamental aspect that is quite unique to Sweden. Andersson-Knut warns that compromising this principle would be a dangerous path to take, highlighting that it is a significant democratic issue.

To listen to Theresa Bystedt and Mikael Andersson-Knut’s comments, please refer to the clip.