Dadgostar: Forma en regering med andra partier

Nooshi Dadgostar, the leader of the Left Party, believes that the Social Democrats (S), the Left Party (V), and the Green Party (MP) should form a government together without the Center Party, provided that the three parties have a majority.

According to Dadgostar, ”the Center Party is harmful from the perspective of achieving a fair Sweden again.” She points to the Center Party’s budget proposal, which includes decreased income tax and reduced unemployment benefits. Dadgostar sees the Center Party as being to the right of the conservative government in terms of economic policy.

”They have moved from the center to a desert journey,” she says.

Dadgostar also calls on the leader of the Social Democrats, Magdalena Andersson, to step forward and gather the opposition to show that ”we have a plan for Sweden.”

The leader of the Center Party, Muharrem Demirok, rejects Dadgostar’s remarks. He is pleased that after so many years, Dadgostar understands that the Center Party and the Left Party are ideological opposites. He believes it is not a moment too soon for her to realize this.

Demirok also points out that the Left Party is going through ”tremendous convulsions” as its leadership condemns Hamas attacks in Israel. He does not believe that a party with such views can be considered capable of governing and sitting in a government.

In conclusion, Dadgostar suggests forming a government without the Center Party, emphasizing the harmful impact of the party’s policies on achieving social justice in Sweden. The Center Party leader rejects her comments and highlights the ideological differences between their respective parties.