MP:s Alice Bah Kuhnke om språkrörsbråket: ”Konflikten är obefintlig”

Alice Bah Kuhnke, a top representative of the Swedish Green Party (Miljöpartiet), has downplayed the ongoing tensions within the party, dismissing claims that there is a rift between different factions. The party is currently in a turbulent period, with the upcoming election for spokesperson turning into what party insiders describe as a battle for the party’s future. One candidate, Märta Stenevi, wants to link climate change with social issues of inequality, while another, Daniel Helldén, wants to sharpen the party’s focus on climate and environmental issues. The matter will be decided at the party congress in November. Bah Kuhnke argues that there is no such conflict within the party and that the portrayal of it is simplistic and misleading. She also believes that the party needs to improve its communication on the importance of climate and environmental policy.