Nya livet för Tegnell – återförenas med vänner och familj igen

Anders Tegnell, the former state epidemiologist of Sweden, reflects on his experience during the COVID-19 pandemic in a new book co-authored with journalist Fanny Härgestam. Tegnell became a household name in Sweden as he led the country’s response to the pandemic, receiving both criticism and praise. In his book, Tegnell discusses how he found solace in gardening and spending time with his family during the challenging times. He also reflects on the unique attention and cult-like following he gained, with people creating dolls and tattoos in his likeness. Tegnell acknowledges the criticism over Sweden’s handling of the pandemic, particularly regarding the care of the elderly. However, he defends the chosen strategy and emphasizes the importance of constant communication and understanding in tackling the crisis. Tegnell also shares his plans to continue working in the field, supporting the African CDC in their efforts to fight infectious diseases in Africa.