Kåbdalis lockade Bulgariska stjärnan bort från elitkarriären

Kamen Zlatkov, a 26-year-old Bulgarian, retired from his professional skiing career after the previous ski season. He represented his country in two Olympic Games but now works with the ski lifts in Kåbdalis.

”I have been here for the past five years and I love this place. Skiing is the only thing I have worked with, so it feels natural to stay within the ski industry, but now from a different perspective,” says Kamen Zlatkov.

When he first visited Kåbdalis, the 26-year-old felt that there was something special about it. So when the opportunity arose to move to the small ski village, he did not hesitate.

”It felt natural to move here. It’s so cozy here, and the plan is to stay for a long time.”

(In the clip, you can hear why he chose to end his career at such a young age and move to Kåbdalis.)