Elovsons imponerande målbidrag ledde Önnered till vinst

Laura Eskebjerg Eggert converted a penalty to give Kristianstad a 16-10 lead after 23 minutes, but by the time the halftime whistle blew, Önnered had caught up to make it 16-16.

In the second half, there was no doubt. Önnered took the lead in the 37th minute and never relinquished it. The final score was 31-29 in their favor. Önnered’s Fanny Elovson was the top scorer with ten goals.

”It was a terrible start, so I thought to myself, ’Now you really have to score’,” said Fanny Elovson after the match to handbollsligan live.

”We have a very good morale. We never stop fighting even when things are tough.”