Livstids fängelse för mord på kvinna i Kramfors

Hovrätten för nedre Norrland fastställer livstidsstraffet för mordet på 25den 25-åriga kvinnan i Kramfors i fjol. Arkivbild.

A 46-year-old man is sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of a 25-year-old woman who disappeared from Timrå in October 2022. The sentence from the district court is now confirmed by the Court of Appeal for lower Norrland.

The two had previously been in a relationship which, according to the prosecutor, had been conflict-ridden in some respects. After being picked up in Timrå on October 8, the woman followed the man to his cottage outside Kramfors. Two days later, her relatives reported her missing.

The woman’s mobile phone was later traced to an area in the municipality of Kramfors, leading to extensive search efforts. The woman was found dead with a large number of injuries, which, according to the forensic pathologist, she could not have inflicted on herself. The autopsy showed that she had been assaulted both before and after her death, and that the cause of death was drowning.