Att vara bipolär partners pojkvän: Navigera känslor och utmaningar

Artist Viktor Frisk lives with ADHD and bipolar disorder, something that has affected his entire life.

”I have felt terribly bad, I have escaped from myself, from my own problems,” says Viktor Frisk in UR’s documentary series My Anxiety and I.

Mania and Depression

Bipolar disorder involves periods of mania and periods of depression. And it’s not just Viktor Frisk himself who is affected by the diagnoses, but also his relatives.

”Having a child with this problem involves a lot of worry. When Viktor has had dips, one has gone through the roof. One has not been able to sleep at nights, there have been emergencies. We have had to go up to Stockholm and tried to be close,” says Viktor Frisk’s mother Anna Frisk.

Highly Hereditary

He will never know how he got bipolar disorder, but the illness is hereditary.

”It is one of the most hereditary diseases that exist. It is often triggered by traumatic events. It can be separations, losing a job, family deaths and so on. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes it can just come by itself,” says psychiatrist Anders Hansen.

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