Maxida Märak rockar loss i kolt på Spåret

Maxida Märak, the artist behind hits like ”Nu Brinner Ängarna,” ”Nikesunnas Joik,” and ”Dimma,” has been making waves in the music industry.

In the summer of 2021, she appeared on the TV4 show Så mycket bättre, where she interpreted songs like ”Eloise” and ”Jag kommer hem igen till jul.”

She also appeared as a guest artist on the TV show På Spåret, where she showcased a whole new side of herself by performing the song ”Killing in the Name” by the metal band Rage Against The Machine, alongside Johnossi.

”It was incredibly fun, especially because Johnossi is incredibly talented and incredibly professional. They are some of the best musicians we have in Sweden,” she told SVT Sápmi.

”Love this song”

Performing a song in a completely different genre in a new way was a fun experience for her and the audience.

”It’s definitely not my genre, and when I first found out about it, I thought this could be embarrassing,” she said. ”But I love this song and I can absolutely relate to its message. In my eyes, it became more punk than rock, and I think people can understand why I can perform this song without it being weird. There are many who wouldn’t have been able to deliver it truthfully.”

Performed in a traditional Sámi outfit

Maxida Märak also made the performance in a traditional Sámi outfit, a kolt, for the first time.

”I have never before appeared publicly in a kolt and for a reason. But this time, it felt like the absolute best opportunity,” she said.

”Why did you choose to wear the kolt now?”

”People can probably figure that out,” Maxida Märak said.

Watch Maxida Märak’s performance in the video above.