Anja Pärson: En tävling där jag gav upp på grund av mentalt utmattning

Shiffrin underwent a serious crash two weeks ago and has not yet recovered from the knee injury. In connection with her boyfriend Aleksander Aamodt Kilde’s crash, the tough competition schedule came into focus.

”I absolutely agree with those who think we need to take a look at the demands placed on top skiers from a calendar perspective as well as the schedule with evening programs,” Shiffrin writes on X.

Lost five to seven kilos in one season

Pärson talks about her experiences.

”The mental strength that you need to have to be up there and fight for the win all the time is enormous. It’s working around the clock,” says Pärson to Radiosporten and reveals that she did not get enough nutrition and could lose five to seven kilos in weight during a season because she didn’t have time to eat properly.

Pärson, who ended her career in 2012, talks about the only time she couldn’t give it her all and deliberately skied slowly after giving up.

”It happened once in my career when I was mentally completely exhausted. I had nothing left to give, and it was a double competition at a great, lovely location with a large audience and everything. But mentally, I just couldn’t perform, simply put,” says Pärson.