Handboll: Lugi tar tag i det sista halmstrået – undviker nedflyttning idag: ”Vi kommer att ge allt”

Isabelle Gulldén, who scored nine goals, seven of which were penalties, for Handbollsligan live, said: ”We fought for every inch of the court, we really wanted to win. We said we wouldn’t be afraid to go for it, everyone contributed.”

There was intense drama and more technical errors than beautiful plays when Lugi secured the victory. When Emma Ekenman Fernis scored 28-24 with a few minutes left, the match tipped in Lugi’s favor.

”It’s incredibly unfortunate that we couldn’t solve it. In the second half, we missed some clear chances which allowed them to counter. Then they had the advantage,” said Mia Lagumdzija from Kungälv.

Omgjort enough for Kungälv

In the last round, Lugi must win at home against Västerås while Kungälv must not take any points away against Aranäs on Wednesday.

”Ever since we found ourselves in this situation, we have said that we will give it our all in every match. We may not control our fate, but we will give it a chance to reach the playoffs,” said Isabelle Gulldén.

Kungälv is in a playoff position with eight points and a significant goal difference, while Lugi is in relegation with seven points.

”We have to win on Wednesday, there is no other option, and then it will be resolved,” said Mia Lagumdzija from Kungälv.

Lugi has been continuously playing in the top league since their promotion in 2006 and is tenth in the all-time table.